What I can do for you

Energy healing (quantum healing) goes beyond time and space.
I remove a heart wall, align your chakra’s, erase all microknots in your body,
so you will regain balance in your health.


Mental & Physical

Not feeling well can come from things that happened in your past, even in previous lives and even through your ancestors. Emotional unbalance also often comes from not following your soul’s path. I help you restore the balance.


Financial abundance

Many of us have grown up with beliefs about money. That it’s hard to get, money is evil, you have to work hard, you have to EARN it. However, money is also just energy. I’ll help you change your relationship with money, so it will flow naturally to you.


Love & Friendships

Do you keep falling in love with the wrong person? Are you jealous or doubting yourself? Do you feel unworthy of receiving love? I start by removing your heart wall and open up all your chakra’s to let the energy flow again.


Job & Business Owner

It is very normal that your interests shift over time. So what you initially learned for, may not be something what you still want to do and you can always change. Rediscover your passion and how to make the switch to living your passion.

Benefits you might experience

Free from (chronic) pain
Getting a raise
New clients come spontaneously
Trusting yourself and the future
Getting a promotion
Stress Free!
Finding love
Being self confident
Thrive effortlessly
Fully energized
Growing conciousness
Feeling liberated and alive



Heart Power Catalyst

After neglecting my gifts nearly 40 years, going from pain to pain and illness to illness, I finally embraced my true self and my whole body healed. In a short period I developed my catalyst abilities and became a very powerful quantum energy healer using my own technique. Read my story here >

My mission is to help you heal yourself.

What clients say

In person healing

In one relatively short session, Leo managed to get me off the table feeling clear and revitalized and with a sense of an open heart. I noticed the positive shift in my energy the week following and a few days after the session even my acupuncturist was amazed at the difference in my energy! Click here for the full review on Facebook

Gertrud from The Netherlands

In person healing

I wasn’t looking, I was lead to the right person for me, he broke down those walls, he had set me free.. I can feel my energy flowing again, I am feeling more connected, loving energy is coming from my heart.. Me, myself and I are one again, all of my being is complete again, it’s a beautiful beginning for a new start.. Click here for the whole review on Facebook

Simone from The Netherlands

In person healing

Shortly after Leo left I fell asleep. And for the first time in a very long time I slept without waking up in between. Sleeping well had become a big issue. After waking up I felt reborn. I’m not in my head anymore, the tension in my body is gone. I feel the energy flow! People who didn’t know about the healing, noticed I’m more happy, relaxed and more at peace. Click here for the full review on Facebook

Susan from The Netherlands

GertrudThe Netherlands
SimoneThe Netherlands
SusanThe Netherlands


Through a ZOOM session I make contact with your energy field, initially just by having a conversation, which is already preparing you to get healed. We focus on 1 issue/problem per session and you decide what that session is all about. And after that session, your body is energized, revitalized and ready for you to accept your new reality (health or belief).

In person

Even though energy is everywhere, my Micro Knot Dissolving Technique only works when done in person. It’s like a very strong version of REIKI. I make contact with the body whenever I feel a ‘knot’ in your body, so it dissolves and is gone! These Microknots can come through trauma, grief and other experiences where a lot of emotion was felt, but not fully processed.

Give from your heart

The biggest challenge in life, for many, is letting go of  following the mind, and follow the heart instead

After I discovered about ‘Energy Filantropy’, I knew this fits me perfectly.

All healings are on a donation base.

So as soon as you book, your first excercise is to use your heart

You get to determine what the value is of being healthy and vibrant, AND what fits your budget. 

Overview all healings

I offer energy healings online, so you can be helped no matter where you are in the world
and also in person. I am currently in the West-Algarve in Portugal
Pick your session and I see you soon!


With a message from my heart I’d like to keep you inspired to keep your heart connection vivid.

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