In person energy healing

In person energy healing


This powerful in person energy healing, heals your body in only one session. Removing a heart wall, opening up all the chakra’s, removing mircro knots, an energetic massage and a 30 minute sound healing during the session. And an 8 week follow-up program are all included. Currently possible in the Salema South-West Algarve in Portugal.


Currently available in The Netherlands (Friesland). My in person healings are one of a kind. Very powerful and effective, because only in person sessions I can use my healing hands for my own developed Micro Knot Dissolving Technique. I connect you with SOURCE energy. In a personal session, I can go deeper and add different elements to a healing. Like adding a 30 minute sound healing with the HUSO ® at the end of my session, to support your body to release whatever you and I helped to let go.


What does my in person healing look like?


  • Before starting the healing we have a chat.  My goal  is finding what caused/triggered the issue/problem. Because by determening the why, the energy that you have been holding on to, is already starting the process of releasing. And the healing that will follow right after we talked, will clear the rest. Knowing what the cause was will also help your mind/body to prevend it from going back to a state of dis-ease. And ofcourse one cause/event that happened in the past, can be responsible for multiple issues. Chances are that one session can heal more than one issue. The conversation however is NOT meant for you to relive any bad experiences from the past. That is not necessary in order to let go.
  • I start by seeing if you are protecting yourself with a hart wall (can also be hidden).
  • I will open up all your chakra’s, so SOURCE ENERGY can flow through your body again and energizes your whole body.
  • I use my Micro Knot Dissolving Technique to trace and release any knots in your body that are present due to stuck emotions that your body has hold on to. If not attended and if you do not release those emotions in a different way, these little knots are the start of what can cause bigger (health) challenges in the future.
  • I finalize the healing by doing an energetic massage to help your body to process the waste through your intestines. I engourage you to drinking more water after the session and the following day. And then ofcourse you will experience
  • Then it is time to start the SOUND HEALING with the HUSO® sound healing machine we have. A 30 minute program with sound and vibration on ankles and wrists to give your body an extra boost to release everything..

After a session your body is healed. Sometimes the mind takes longer. That is why you’ll receive an 8 week program with excercises to keep the mind in the healed state as well.


After booking, I will get in touch with you (WhatsApp or Telegram) within 24 hours, to schedule a date and time that suits us both. I’m currently in the North of The Netherlands. We will go abroad soon.


PS Even though I know and learned REIKI and there are similarities, my approach is different from what you might know. I am direct and honest. If you do not want to be triggered, please find someone else.




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